Summer Lighting: Candles, Hurricane Lanterns, Tiki Torches, and More!


globe lights

We wait all winter for the bright light of summer and when it's here, it can be a bit overwhelming. After a long brigh day, a little soft lighting outdoors and indoors is especially soothing.

Let's romantic-it-up!



Candles are the softest, flickering, cozy vibe and an ideal for summertime as they don't heat up the place. And you have the option of battery-operated candles as well. Make the nights soft.

fireplace birch logs with tea lights

tiki torches

It's hard to have a bad time in a backyard with tiki torches. They give the peripheral lighting at eye level that is so great Hawaiian escape vibe.

tiki torches

hurricane lanterns

Whether it's a stormy night or not, one of these flickering in the bedroom or the mantle is the most homey vibe. I remember as a child we used these when the power went out during storms. I would wander the hallways like a wee ghost carrying a glow of light to break the darkness.

hurricane lantern


On a stormy night, open the curtains, get a good view. There is something about flashes of lightning that makes for a pre-Halloween excitement. Head down the hallway with bedroom doors open so the light flashes as you find your way to the bathroom. Serious atmosphere!

string lights

Indoors or out, twinkle lights are the soft lighting that gives mood, atmosphere, enough light to see, but no bulb glaring in your eyes. String them around the bedroom, around the patio, or in the trees and bushes out back. 

twinkle string lights


There is something very primal about campfires. The need to tuck into the light and keep the dark at your back is built into our genes. Storytelling, drinks, laughter - they all combine.

lightning bugs 

For those who are lucky enough to see lightning bugs outdoors at night, what if the season lasted longer? What if those who live in places without these cuties could enjoy the vibe? 

mason jar solar lightning bug lights

(I had these and they lasted a couple years! The atmosphere out back was amazing once the sun went down and the solar lights activated)

water projection

This is probably my favorite light, after candles and hurricane lanterns. It's fantastic during a bath to have the patterns of water light on the ceiling and at bedtime, but also during movie time it's a fantastic atmosphere!

ocean projection light


It's not always a full moon night, but the feeling of watching the moon is a spiritual interaction. 

levitating moon lamp

Help yourself calm down after the bright and long days of summer with some romantic mood lighting and see how it changes the overall vibe in your home and yard.