10 Reasons Heaven Might Envy Earth


I took this selfie one time, deciding to take a picture of me, without any thoughts and intention, simply opened up my soul, felt connected with the world, and clicked. The photos before and after were quite different and clear. This one had a strange almost hazy vibe to it and I look so at peace. I call it my soul pic.

We are reminded often of how we are spiritual beings having a mortal experience and not mortals having a spiritual experience. 

Heaven has everything, right? But, might there be some things Heaven might envy about our mortal existence? 

1. No Privilege

If we survive it's by our own decision-making without any omnipresent help. Opportunities abound for us to create, leave a heritage, make decisions having to compare win/loss. Whether we make decisions from our soul spirit or our mortal fears, we can win or we can lose. God is not likely to tap us on the back and redirect us or give us special favors, but we still feel the Lord's presence as we take responsibility for our choices. 

2. Resourcefulness

We learn to utilize what we have, to develop skills, to adapt. Given all the elements we need to work with and a world that naturally has a balance (trees offering oxygen, living creatures giving carbon dioxide, plant matter for animals, animals for predators).... Taking these resources and utilizing them and renewing them is a personal responsibility, knowing that our world offers finites (everything dies or resources run out, catastrophes occur).

3. Intelligence. 

The fact that we have limited understanding of the entire universe and yet we utilize that limited arena to the maximum. It's as if we took a test without having the study book and Heaven has possession of the study book and can easily study and pass the test. We are missing a large understanding of the universe and yet we exceed in our biological, 3-dimensional, mortal existence like a savant.  

4. Faith. 

We have to make sense of existence without knowing if there is a reward, knowing we have limited time, we work to make an impression here. Many believe in a Creator without having the omniscience of those in Heaven. From the moment we are born, knowing we will someday die, we still fill our time with purpose, character, experiences, connection, and other things that someone in a "temporary" relationship might not be compelled to do. We truly act as if THIS is the only stage to play upon so we fill it up with to-do's, dreams, goals before the curtain comes down. 

5. Comraderie.

As we depend on each other, we have to work together and compromise, feel a sense of community, and shared purpose. We work as a team for the greater part, whether it's being under a government, a church, or other institution, a family, a friendship, a work environment. We help each other even though we feel a physical sense of being separate individuals. We can hug someone hurting, but we cannot be in their shoes. Yet, we feel compelled to show we relate to the human experience.

6. The five senses.

No doubt Heaven would have sensory overload. When my father had his near-death experience he related colors that don't exist here and flowers that don't exist here and that it was "real" and this was "fake." It had me at the age of 16 contemplating if Earth was a sort of 2-D vibe of Heaven, like it represents it like a photo represents us, but has a lot less of the reality of the original. So, Heaven likely would look a lot like Earth but Earth in a new action that is deeper, more omnidirectional and brilliant. But, would Heaven have taste buds or ears to pick up sound waves? Would it enjoy the velvetty touch of skin or the sounds of laughter? Our five senses are greatly responsible for understanding our world. We are walking computers gauging our environment. We have to find beauty in this deficient replica of Heaven. It's a depth of appreciation that is humbling. 

7.  Humor. 

The sound of laughter, the physiologic response, the sense of community when we laugh together - it is a spiritual expression. That we can find irony and silliness in a life as a mortal with all its dangers and trials, says much about how much our soul shines through to see something beyond the ordinary.  Humans have their own release valve. It's not all serious. There is a spiritual understanding that can suspend us from the day-to-day survival issues to find the whole experience entertaining. 

8. Giving birth.

The miracle of birth. It's one of those wonders that makes a person ponder - why do we procreate? The only advantage of that is to be certain our type continues to live upon the planet. It seems an orchestrated and manipulated feature for creatures and humans to keep repopulating. Carrying on your genetic material to a new being is a very mortal concept, but to Heaven it would be one of the greatest sacrifices and gifts we could produce.

9. Sacrifice and tragedies.

We are in situations in which, even knowing we are mortal, we will save and protect others. We will work through pain and turmoil, we will fight for sobriety, accept incurable health conditions, loss of loved ones, face hurricanes, famine, and even the evil intentions of our own killer kind. We will give to others even when we are in a place of lack, commit selfless contribution, adapt to tragic situations, and put others first. These are all spiritually driven, coming from our most honest depths and precluding the mortal situation. It's as if sacrifice and tragedies are given to us as a test for bringing out the best of our spiritual selves.

10.  Grief. 

Knowing our kind will die, not being absolutely assured that lost loved ones live on in any form, having to continue here on the planet without them the rest of our days - those are tests of faith.  For Heaven to watch we people on earth dealing with loss and not having a frame of reference for eternity, Heaven must feel great respect for our kind. 


Ultimately, we look at this human experience and realize that all 10 of these things have to have a sense of the spiritual about them to endure or else we would be like the animals that steal, kill, and rape in order to get their needs met. We have "something extra" that gives us conscience, spirituality, faith, and compassion. It would stand to reason that those 10 things Heaven might envy are the very things they take pride in because they all show that we haven't in some deep level forgotten we are spiritual beings in human suits. 

Why do we have a mortal experience if we are spiritual beings? I'd compare it to taking someone who is wealthy and taking away their money so they learn the value of money. 

How would a spiritual being ever value life if it wasn't on the table? If you can't die, you don't have needs for food, shelter, and the like, how could you understand all the forms of life in the universe? 

Thrown into the mortal plane, spiritual beings bring back to the Universal Understanding how a life can be played out in every form with every decision of freewill and every condition.

Imagine the understanding gained by this collective data?