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If you're new to Groovy New Life, Julie and I are all about taking where you are now, what you have now, and finding magic and beauty, living the dreams, trying new things, shifting perspective. This is how you create a Groovy New Life from a dull-and-routine one. It doesn't matter what age or income - this is about gratitude and wonder. 

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Here's our boards so far - something for everyone!

Natural Bohemian Minimalist Home

Groovy New Life

Vintage Dashboards

Arizona Beauty

Desert Pirate Fashion

Bohemian Macrame

Scandinavian Christmas

I Love Autumn

Author Rick Jones

Suburban Hippie Farmer

Southwest Living

Bohemian Vintage Jewelry


Southwest Hippie Fashion

Shocking Unexplained

Backyard Camping

Backyard Photography

Arizona Sky

Children of the 1960s

Slouchy Fall Sweaters

Children of the 1970s

Baby Boomers Memes

Children of the 1950s

Blue Jean Crafts

Route 66 Arizona


Urban Exploration

Road Trip Honky Tonks

Pastel Succulents

Treehouses for Adults

Cheap Simple Crafts

Polymer Clay Art

Living in the Southwest

Beautiful Escapes


Houseplant Addiction

Road Trips

Forced Perspective

Downsizing and Organizing

Funny Roadside Signs

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Hope to see y'all on our social media, getting inspired and being happy with your life and all the possibilities!