Replicating the Classic Wardrobe From "The Creature of the Black Lagoon"


I admit to loving fashion since I was a wee tot. I watched a movie and studied the wardrobe. Some movies have a wardrobe that is utterly timeless. 

I'm sharing how to find the (very affordable) pieces for the classic items of the scientist-adventurer lead from "Creature From the Black Lagoon." No one did  this style classier than actress Julie Adams.

If you want to be a cross between Audrey Hepburn and a summertime resort wear, these are the pieces that can go from work to supper to the beach, this post has your stuff! This is literally a few pieces you could get for an entire summer of fun and would fit easily into a small suitcase - 

Based upon a black - white - khaki palette - 


Espadrilles are a traveling staple for summertime. Here's a good choice for today -

In the two pics above, you see the outfit and the closeup of the knit sleeveless tri-color top. Let's break these classic pieces down for today - 

Now let's look at these pleated white cuffed shorts she wears throughout the film - a true beach-side classic.

Below we see the white shorts again but this time with a knit black turtleneck. 

Shoes? I'd suggest the espadrilles or, better yet, white deck shoes - 

This one above - paisley halter top and those white shorts! 

I'd probably team up this halter top and white shorts with shoes I'd use for night time too - 

Above you see the classic swimsuit that is back in style again! Swim with the Gillman in this - 

The "safari" look is always a timeless khaki (cotton or linen). With the black and white theme going so far, the khaki brings in the classic resort and explorer vibe. The three go together beautifully and make an easy packing situation.

This would look great with the espadrilles or the white deck shoes. 

This (above) is just travel adorable. 

Depending on where I'm wearing the outfit, I'd team it up with the white deck shoes or the black sandals above.

Her one dress is a shirt dress. I'd suggest using that Khaki again.  Maybe team it up with the espadrilles.


Her hair throughout the film was pretty much either a ponytail, ponytail with hat, or loose but a hair comb slipped in to pull it from her face. With summer being humid, if you keep it curly, use a hair comb. If it's out of control, ponytail it. 

hair comb style


Finish off your summer expedition with good travel cases, continuing this theme -

If you're going out at night, take a small black tote, but put your wallet and important stuff in it and keep it in the backpack. That way when you do go out, you can just retrieve it from the backpack.


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