Virtual Clothes Shopping for Southwest Hippie and Bohemian Beach Gals


Julie and I love fashion. It's not about what's "in" or the "hottest trend," but it's about being able to express our personalities and come up with new ways to accessorize and incorporate colors, patterns, and textures. 

We love to window shop at online catalogs and think about what additions to our wardrobe sing to our hearts. 
Here's Julie's and my styles and our favorite online shops and items we'd love to add to our wardrobes.

NOTE:  These companies did not approach us, do not know we are sharing our favorites on here. 

"Southwest Hippie"
Colors and patterns of the southwest, turquoise and silver jewelry, jeans, ponchos, hats. 

"Bohemian Beach"
Colors of sea, sky and citrus, resort wear, crochet, stacked jewelry, leggy with sandals. I've always loved influences from Safari (linen and sandy colors) and Victorian (hair and jewelry), as well. It seems to suit my coloring and height. 


Julie Favorites

Free People
This store totally picks up the 70s hippie vibe more than any other store. It gives the look a relevant update while still making  baby boomers sigh with nostalgia when we enter. This is my hippie half store.


This clothing is utterly and completely Southwest with the textiles, patterns, and vibe I love! You feel as if you could be hiking around Aspen, Colorado, staying at a Montana lodge, or riding along Highway 66 in style. This is my southwest half store.

Sharon's Favorites 

This is perhaps one of the best coordinated catalogs ever! Everything here is wearable from the ocean to the restaurants with consideration for mix and match and modesty - like skorts. I love skorts!  This is my beach half store.

What a great mix of bohemian, resort, and beach wear! I love Venus. It's always super reasonably priced and a great way to update your wardrobe with versatile pieces.


We are both super fans of thrifting our clothing. 
It's kind of like looking for a house. The newer homes miss the details and character and individuality of the older homes. So it goes with clothing. As I like a soft sunshine yellow the very most, it's almost impossible to find in stores and I choose clothes more by the colors than the styles so if I color isn't in, I'm screwed.
We will wear what we wear, whether fashion styles dictate or not, so thrifting is a fantastic way to go. 
We highly advocate thrifted clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry....

FearCon 2019

Me doing Honky Tonk

My Safari Vibe

The "Gidget" vibe

Bohemian Beach Look

BTW - we have a public group on Facebook called  Bohemian Beach for those who love beach lifestyle.


Today's Advice - KNOW YOURSELF

Here's a few Amazon finds that are in line with our looks -