Beauty From the Compost Pile!


Before tossing scraps into the compost pile, you might want to set some aside for your own skin and hair nutrition!

crushed eggshell skin masks

Hey, eggshells are made up of calcium carbonate. Your skin loves it!  First you want to take the eggshell and crush it into a powder. If you have a mortal and pestle, that'll work, or put it in a ziploc bag and roller it with a rolling pin until fine dust.

Mix with an egg white for a face mask. 


place powdered shells into a bottle of apple cider vinegar and let sit a few days (4-5). Dab onto sensitive skin. 


used coffee grounds and a bit of coconut oil

This not only exfoliates in the shower, but the bit of coconut oil moisturizes too. You come out of it feeling like you have brand new skin.

Fruited hair

Vitamin C helps with collagen production for hair. Some of the best fruits are kiwi, papaya, oranges, strawberries, and even sweet potatoes. Grind up your compost pile bits of these fruits and peels and mix with some coconut oil to put it on your hair in the shower. Let it sit a while as you clean off, and then rinse it out. 

Juicing pulp mask

If you do juicing of fruits and veggies, use the pulp for the compost pile but save some for a mask. Mix with plain yogurt and leave on and wash off.

In the fantastic cycle of health and beauty 

you plant seeds

you grow food

eat food

juice food

use scraps for compost 

keep some scraps for skin and hair beauty

then, you grow again in your new compost