Chaga Mushroom Tea: Best Supplement For Middle-Agers?


NOTE: I am a very well-educated consumer of health items, but I am not a health professional. When I contemplate the use of Chaga Mushroom tea in my supplement lineup, it is after my own research and decision to test it. You, however, are responsible for your own research and input from your physician in regards to the health benefits.

Given my recent bout of Bell's palsy on both sides of my face, hypertension, and high blood sugar, I've been rethinking my supplements. One was introduced to me that I had only vaguely heard of before, and am now focusing my attention upon quite seriously - Chaga Mushroom (tea or supplement form).

This grotesque looking parasitic mushroom grows in colder climates often on birch trees. It leeches out nutrients from the host. And, incidentally is so rich in antioxidants, it has 31 times more than healthy blueberries!

It is touted to help with - 



high blood sugar



healthy stress response

heart health

I am already a tea drinker. In fact, through this palsy situation, I've been drinking chai tea with turmeric, black pepper, and coconut oil added to it for anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Finding out my body had inflammatory issues really woke me up. Inflammation is the root of all disease. 

You can find Chaga Mushroom tea in health food stores and also on Amazon (link below). I would avoid ones harvested in Russia for obvious reasons. The one below is from Maine and a business owned by a woman, so a great reason to choose one harvested and handled by a person with passion. 

I am going to give this tea a great chance and report back how my progress with Bell's is going. See my prior post to see the updates... LINK