Easy Ocean Art For Non-Artists


I (SharoN) may be a bit obsessed with the sea. 

I refer to myself as a mermaid with legs.

I got a large canvas for a piece of art over my mermaid-themed guest room. I only had acrylic paints on hand and I'm an oil artist. I painted it, but I really didn't like the way it looked. So, I contemplated it a few days and realized I could salvage it if I were willing to add texture.

I got some "mermaid" tissue paper - 3 colors of blue together.

I mixed up white glue and water and tore and dipped the papers into it, spread them across the canvas without worrying about being smooth - I wanted wrinkles. It created waves.

As I worked on layering it, I tore bits of wet paper edges to create wave crests and splashes.

Here's how it worked - 

Don't be afraid to take a mistake and turn it into something else. Work with what you have - 

The purpose of this whole blog and our movement for Groovy New Life is "life is how you see it." We want y'all to look around you and wherever you are, whatever you have, upcycle your attitude and repurpose your life. 

Love and hugs 

Sharon and Julie! 


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