Sasquatch Burger


Post by Julie  

At The Lodge in Tempe AZ, they serve lots of different items, but the one Sharon and I always get is the Sasquatch Burger.

The Lodge is decked out with numerous wood carvings of Bigfoot, displays of stuffed animals on the walls, and cool antler chandeliers. It makes you feel like you are in a lodge.

The Sasquatch burger is huge like the cryptic itself. Sharon and I usually will share it with a side order of sweet potato fries. 

From the bottom the burger has a grill cheese sandwich with whatever cheese you prefer. Next is the condiments such as red onions, lettuce and tomatoes. On top to them sits the burger which is cooked to however you like. The burger is topped with sauce and fried onions. And last but not least is another grill cheese sandwich on top. It comes with a steak knife stabbed threw the center holding it all together. 

We usually will each take a sandwich, pry it open, split the burger and add it inside the sandwich along with the condiments. The flavor of the juicy burger, melted cheese and crunchy onions melts in your mouth. Delicious!!


*NOTE: No Sasquatches were harmed in making the burger.

Bigfoot Beer Mug