Happy Birthday Cassandra Peterson (aka Elvira)!


Elvira is perhaps one of the best-loved horror queens of all time. Actress Cassandra Peterson took on the persona and owned it royally. 

Today is here 70th birthday and she is rocking it like a 35-year-old!

Ironically, today is also my birthday, a fellow virgo, who loves dancing and horror, humor, tall, and redheaded.

I couldn't really compete with her amazing character, but she inspired me to create my own. Since I have long been known as Autumnforest - 

Virgos are intelligent, curious by nature, planners, kind, can be shy at first, thinks a lot, devoted friends for life, passionate, physically oriented, lover of beauty, organized, multitasker, admin by nature. Some say we are perfectionistic, but I'm not that detailed. I just want to know I completed a task instead of procrastinating or leaving it half done. 

You just gotta love Cassandra - what an amazingly warm, funny, sexy, and intelligent lady. She personifies our birth sign!