Superhero: ShRed the Viking


It dawned on me during a particularly stressful and terrifying time in my life, that I was running the show with a tearful, scared, angry, frustrated person at the helm. 

Wow, talk about manifesting more of the same!

So, I came up with the concept of creating my superhero. All the best parts of me and the magic and skills within, who is my superhero?

Meet "ShRed the Viking." Her full name is Sharon the Red. Here's my superhero stats.

Purpose:  Seeker of Truth
Superpower:  Creative Muse
Kryptonite:  Bright sunlight and heat
Pet:  Troll
Weapon:  Bubble Wand
Mantra: "The obstacles ARE the path!"

Once I have this imagine in my mind and I'm facing real obstacles, I ask myself the obvious, "what would ShRed do?" 

I'm a gal who blows bubbles, dances in the rain, loses herself in creating art, joking around, researching unexplained subjects, chasing autumn, and splashing in cold water. 

My DNA results - 

Norway - 48%

Sweden/Denmark - 24%

England/Netherlands- 23%

Wales - 2%

Ireland - 3%

Scotland - 1%

For your own superhero, I suggest FaceInHole where you can type in all kinds of situations from "superhero" to "viking," etc. 


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