Google Earth'ing Gobi Desert: Great Surprises!

A wee peek at the Gobi Desert on Google Earth and I was shocked and amazed. I mean, from afar it looks like barren nothing and then you see the photos people have taken on the ground and it's a gorgeous magical wonderland!

Let's poke around the desert and see the amazing diversity - 


When Julie and I go searching for abandoned sites to urban explore, we use Google Earth a lot. Identifying the best locations are based on defunct industry, such as agriculture, steel, mining.... And you can look up online communities that were built but went bankrupt and were left to decay. You can look up photos other URBEX'ers have taken. Look outside rural areas where people living quite isolated might have left the home after passing and it just sat. The finger creeks of the Chesapeake and most of West Virginia we have found are very dense with abandoned sites.

When looking for bizarre things from above, hit the deserts around the world. The oddities show up easily and make you go, "what is this? WHY is this?" 

If you plan on trekking out, here's some gear we use - 

I use mine on ghost hunts, Bigfoot investigations, prospecting, rockhounding, UFO watching, URBEX'ing, hiking. There are pockets and places to clip things on for dozens of spaces and a vented back so you don't get too warm. Hands free. I LOVE it!

A camera that can film underwater, take abuse (I threw mine out a car window by accident) and have had it for 8 years and it takes pics and vids like a dream - super easy to use. Fits in a pocket.