Using Doll Parts for Halloween Fun!


(set up around a shed where a Brothers Quay "Street of Crocodiles" stop motion doll film was projected against dolls)

Doll heads and body parts and intact dolls are all great Halloween creep factors. Doll Island in Mexico inspired much of the high level of anxiety around dolls. I used to do my Halloween front windows with tons of dolls lit by flashes of lightning so the kids would catch glimpses for a fraction of a second. 

Get creative. Honestly, like lawn gnomes and spiders, grouping them makes the impact so much more than scattering them. 

I've used my dolls for a doll island in the backyard all year long to age them for display at Halloween.

With the eyes removed, a glow stick inside can make them glow scarily. 

The best doll heads I found out in abandoned sites involved ones just left out in the dirt where the sun wore down their colors, made them look scarred and burned. You can speed up the process utilizing heat and crackle paint medium. Their eyes often develop opaque cataract look and color changes when exposed to outside - 

Let the creepy little dolls tell you what they want to be. A good source for these is thrift stores where they often times have bags of them against the wall of the shop and you can get barbies and baby dolls to work with. 


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