Christmas Gifts For Remote Office Workers


Working from home. That's the pleasant benefit of the miserable COVID years. Removing long commutes and the need to live near the city has offered a new world for us. Yes, there are lots of tough parts of working from home like less interaction with social support, gaining weight, and noisy environments, but for most of us, it's a blessing. 

This Christmas, there is a new world of potential gift-giving for the home workers. Let's make their situation even more comfy - 

for those who Zoom 

for those who need comfort

(this changed my life so much as a seated worker for decades) 

for those who share home space

Desk hutch

The home worker has some obstacles to making it work within their dwelling, but the advantages are great. I began working from home in 1995 and have been there since. Making new friends becomes a great challenge, but a pleasant one. Since most friends come from the work place and there is a conflict there with people you work with and getting too involved, you learn new sources of social interaction with people that share more than just a job with you. 

Don't forget your home workers this Christmas. They love the support and the consideration.