Exploring Your State


No matter which state or province you live in, there are things you've never seen.  Fill your car tank and pack your cooler.

Let's check out how to explore and learn more about your homeland -


Likely you've hit the typical tourist areas of your state and the vacation getaway spots, but have you ever considered looking for the unique, spooky, and downright weird? These kinds of treks can be a total blast. Here's some ways to plot it out - 

Pick your most haunted city that has a ghost tour. Plan a night there, perhaps in a haunted inn. If you can, take a haunted roadway.

While plotting out the trek to it, create a path of weird and unusual stops. Mark each town between your home and the destination. Now, look up those town's cemeteries. Make a stop and do some photography, bring a trash bag and clean up, or simply find out if anyone infamous is buried there. Try Find-A-Grave site to learn more about occupants. Do a Google image search of the cemetery to see how it looks. 

If you're interested in haunted cry baby bridges, UFOs, or Bigfoot, there are good sources to find UFO sightings on the MUFON site, and Bigfoot sightings on the BFRO site.  

Now, head over to Weird US or Atlas Obscura and learn what those towns might have to offer in the way of monsters, memorials, urban legends, or odd art installments. 

If you enjoy exploring and photography, look up the abandoned places in those towns. Just Google image search, "URBEX (city name)" and you'll find lots of pics of abandoned sites worth photographing. 


A simple check of city calendars online can show you all kinds of events you had no idea were going on in your state. Apple festivals, cookoffs, state fairs, music festivals, parades, Renaissance festivals, scifi conventions and more are going on all around the country in this crisp pretty weather. There are outdoor art walks, galleries, and museums in each state, all of them enjoying outdoor activities in the pretty weather. If you are into the arts and culture, there must-do's. 


With swim season over, waterfront areas become beautiful picturesque getaways. Fall colors along a lake, a chilly misty beach, a babbling stream near a campground are all great attractions this time of year. Better yet, consider renting a cabin near a stream or lake and partake of the chilly wet atmosphere and then tuck inside in front of a fireplace with some hot cocoa. The contrasts are delicious. 


Did you know that every state has ghost towns? Many people associate these places with gold rushes, but towns die off when coal, steel, agriculatural, and other industry fade away. They make interesting historical sites and intriguing photo ops. As well, historic sites in your state can be an education for you, as well as your family. 


Everything from amusement parks to golfing, hunting and fishing to hiking are offered in every state. 

Sometimes, an adventure is a ride on a zipline or possibly a drive-through zoo. How about cave exploring or panning for gold? Your state likely has all kinds of outdoor possibilities you haven't even dreamed of. 

How about a houseboat rental or forest campground? Maybe you feel like skiing or wine tasting? 

If it's too late for autumn leaf viewing, consider a trek to a cabin where there is snow. If you're in the Southwest, hop on a hot air balloon. 

⛟ ⛟ ⛟

Working within your own state for a getaway, you save time, expense, and you focus on the things you haven't seen or done before. It's all right there and you've been missing some of the fun and features. To fall in love with your state again, find out what it is you tend to want to visit - resort and relax? outdoors and activities? festivals and museums? history and restaurants? Now, focus one what your state has to offer. 

Many downtown areas in big cities have ghost tours, great restaurants in walking distance, and historic sites, as well as museums. Many rural areas have festivals, relaxing lakes, and cabins. If you don't want to get a hotel room, consider renting an RV or perhaps making a day trip/picnic. 

Enjoy exploring your state!