House Reno/House Flip: Removing Vertical Blinds

As I am presently working on a renovation of the house I've been living in to create a flip, I'm learning lots of new things. I want to keep sharing on here and on our Groovy New Life Youtube Channel. 

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I am still recovering from bilateral Bell's palsy. One side of the face is recovered and the other is still not moving at over 2 months' time. It will be a slow process and it does affect my ability to enunciate certain words.

The house is a 2 bed/2 bath in a preferred retirement community beside South Mountain in Phoenix. It is sought after, but honestly no one gets to buy a house here unless someone passed on as most seniors stay.

As the house was bought from an estate at a remarkable price and is worth over twice what it was three years ago, the owner decided to move on to his home state. 

This created a great opportunity, as I have lived here the past three years and know the place quite well, the in's and out's, the nasty HOA's demands, and I'm extremely frugal.

I will be sharing projects, my thoughts on what was worth putting money into and what wasn't, the ways to reuse items, the easy options, and the places where spending some $ counts.

As well, I will share videos of how I went about the DIY parts of the flip that I am doing. I would like to encourage others to get rid of fear and jump in, using some elbow grease, and getting a sense of accomplishment, as well as exercise, and saving lots of money.

This is the first of many posts and vids to come!