Hygge: Adding Warmth to Your Winter and Cozy Christmas Gifts


Hygge (hue-GAH) is a Scandinavian word for adding warmth to an environment. It is the ideal practice for this wintry time of year.

There are many ways to add coziness to your home. Placing lap blankets around the seating area is a good reminder.

A cheery teapot and some aromatic tea are ideal.

Hygge is all about the light and warmth. Adding light warm colors like yellow and orange to your home are a good start. Bring in sunshine from the windows by capturing light - 

I love to hang a branch in the window in the winter months. Iusually paint it white or leave it natural, hang fishing wire with dehydrated slices of grapefruit or crystal ornaments.


Polynesian Aloha Candle

My personal go-to for candles is Mortimer and Company on Etsy. The creative scents mean a soft glow and happy memories.

The balls heat up and the lamp puts off a soft orange glow. You can massage with the warm balls. Just keep this away from cats and dogs as they want to lick it and it can cause them serious harm.