Southwest Hippie and Desert Pirate Fashion


Julie and I developed our own personal styles over the decades. We have influences from the 70s and 80s that remain strong, but with confidence in our obsessions and what looks best on us, we refined the looks to titles.

I'm a desert pirate. With influences from sea and sky, oceanfront, and sandy beachs, with dusty desert khakis, you can find me in bohemian garb, resort wear, and safari combined with touches of pirate wench to go with the pale skin and red hair. It's all about stacking jewelry like a pirate and looking a bit wind tousled at all times.  Pirates are accessories and desert is a dusty khaki explorer vibe.

lace halter bra with cardigan, tons of bangles, turquoise necklace, patterned golf skort, heels

As an artist obsessed with sky and water, a childhood spent barefoot on the Chesapeake, but an intellectual fantasy of being an early British explorer in khakis, and an Egyptologist when I grew up; I am somewhere between "The Mummy" look and "Gidget" who was my idol as a kid in Virginia wanting to live in California and surf with the boys. 

leopard print top, scarf hem, black skort, black sandals, silver circles necklace and bracelet. 

You are likely to find a mix of khaki cargoes and vests with turquoise, sunshine yellow, and pistachio in my wardrobe with decidedly resort-wear sunny weather vibe, as well as bohemian patterned shirts and worn jeans. I am characters, each one defined by that day's mood. Because of this, I adore hats and scarves, with touches of crochet from the 70s and leg warmers from the 80s. Who I am is a constantly evolving process, but decisions are always based on my key personality traits. 

fake fur-lined vest with embroidery, western purse, jean mini skirt, waffle knit top beneath, heels, and Indiana Jones hat. 

If I weren't in the desert, I'd likely be a preppy beachcomber look. I do adore sweaters, cardigans, and vests, as well as plaids. The ocean is the basis of my look and the attitude changes depending on environment. Should I finally get back to four seasons, preppy is on! 

crochet poncho shirt with cold shoulders, skinny ripped jeans, half-boot heels, beaded necklace, and woven cowboy hat.

Julie is a southwest hippie. Raised in the Southwest, she loves the colors of Sedona red rock, turquoise sky, khaki, sage green, cactus flower pinks and yellows, and the tones of the desert mountains as they turn purple at the end of a day. She also was raised in the 60s and 70s when the hippie look was in. Crochet, vests, tassles, jeans, and turquoise jewelry are her calling cards.

poncho, boots, hat, jeans

Bohemian defines her style well as it lends itself to Native American patterns and influences like the vibe of places such as Joshua Tree Desert and Santa Fe. She loves ponchos, baja hoodies, tank tops, bell bottoms, jeans of all kinds, and Native jewelry. 

bell bottoms print, shoes, crochet vest, top and necklace

Julie is an avid photographer and urbex'er so being ready to hit the dusty road and photograph is key. She has refined her wardrobe with more practical pieces to blend into her environment, get dusty, climb back into her dirt-road-dusted jeep and ride off.

travel-ready lightweight long sleeve for any weather jeans, hiking shoes, hat


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