Adios 2021 and Good Riddance!


I've been happy to see lots of years end, but not anything like 2021. Good riddance! Don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

Not all years are bad, some days are good, some weeks are quiet, but then major upsets occur and that's all you remember.

At the end of every day, I give thanks for anything that was welcome in that day. For 2021, I will focus on what I can give thanks for (as I rush it to the door).


It probably seems odd to give thanks for a viral variant, but this one is a good deal like a head cold and shows promise for the covid situation evolving into something more benign.

Script Writing

I am well and truly underway with script writing for a one-hour episodic series. I can't share much right now, but I promise it's everything I ever wanted to see in a series.


I have the opportunity to renovate the house I'm living in for a flip and it's been a real learning experience and giving me tons of confidence and physical activity. 


It's a blessing to have some wonderful people in my life who have filled in a pseudo-family and really showed their support in all I do and in my Bell's palsy recovery. I have a very supportive man beside me and best friend who is a rock, as well as colleagues/researchers who respect my opinion and value my knowledge. Then, there is gemStar production company that has taken me into their fold, realizing what a valuable resource I can be for filming. The biggest single blessing entering my life in 2021 was Rick Jones, the author and motivational speaker who wrote God's Road to Manson & Me. His perspective and understanding gave me just the way to look at adversity I needed. He is a true blessing and I hope to work with him on projects to spread the insights about being human and being loved by God. 

Bell's Palsy

A blessing? Yup! If I hadn't gotten the bilateral Bell's, I wouldn't have known I had hypertension and diabetes. Luckily, I took it on and lost 40 pounds since summer and got my numbers in a happy normal range. Even though the stupid condition is 6+ months and about 75-80% recovered, I am glad to carry the burden so I could find out about hidden conditions that needed serious attention.


Following the physical findings August 30th from my bilateral Bell's palsy with hypertension and diabetes, I made major lifestyle changes and lost 40 pounds. My labs showed amazing numbers including a dream cholesterol and ratios including VLDL (take your LDL and HDL and add them and then subtract that number from your total cholesterol). It should be between 5-30 ideally and it's probably one of the best indicators of grave outcomes for the heart/stroke. Mine was 20. My EKG and head CT were great. Since summer, I have kept very active, eaten off a small dessert plate, eating very very slowly instead of woofing it down. Those changes have kept me at a healthy weight finally and maintained within a pound. More about the details of it on this blog - 

Time Off

With the Bell's palsy first attack on the left side in late June, stress levels were so high that I took time off. I didn't work. It was a huge stressful burden but I realized that if I didn't stop doing 80 things at one time, I could make a more grave condition occur. Since that time, I have only written, but am not doing all the promotional and other activities I had been involved in. I took time to meditate again and learn manifesting and gratitude. I battled my internal dialogue that had been bullying myself for decades. I reevaluated the worth of some of the things I was involved in and lightened my burden. My mind began to envision the life I wanted. I brought great detail to this vision in my mind and gave thanks for its inevitability. And when I began to focus on what's right and being thankful, blessings came forth. Everyone at some point should take time off of responsibilities and try and recenter. These COVID times have us reevaluating the content of our lives. We had become hoarders of things, demands, obligations, debt, and stressed relationships. Now, we step back and say "if the worst has happened, there's nowhere to go but up." 

Try and look at 2021 for all it did provide, even if it was a lesson, a change in path, a challenge, or an understanding. 

No matter how bad a job, a relationship, health, or life situation, there are blessings. Take those resources and shine a light on them instead of the lack, disappointment, hurt, or emptiness.

Many blessings for a 2022 that is so chock full of blessings, you have a very long list at the end of the year!


  1. Amen. Here's to 2022 being a fantastic year for us in all our adventures.


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