Repurposing Vertical Blind Slats

With several large windows that had old dusty vertical blinds on them and a renovation of the house underway, I looked at the slats and thought, "why should these go in a landfill when they are flexible and could make something cool?

My first project in this mid century/Scandinavian overhaul was to create privacy and beauty on the back wall where the metal railing made it possible to weave slats in and out to create a visual barrier and also a beautiful backdrop. 

But, with a lot more slats laying around, my wheels began to turn. How could I create a focus wall piece of art? 

In the garage, I found some baseboards that I cut and assembled into a large frame about 6 feet x 5 feet. I took the slats and wove them in and out, stapling them to the frame. I attached the frame to the wall behind the headboard of the guest room. Then, I proceeded to paint the entire wall including the art an icy blue. 

Playing off this theme, I will replace the brass headboard with a wicker one and add basketry to the room. 

I am continuing a lot of renovations throughout the house right now. The projects are challenging me to utilize resources, learn skills, and envision the kind of home I dreamed of creating. 

I promise to share lots more with y'all as this unfolds.