Captain Ron Attitude: Going With the Caribbean Flow


You gotta love Kurt Russell's portrayal of the infamous Captain Ron in the movie of the same name. He cruised around the Caribbean without a plan, without a map, and somehow handed on his feet because he just went with the opportunities. 

Wanna emulate that vibe while landlocked? 

Put on your rasta beanie - 

Put on the right tune - 

Here's my favorite summer recipe - serve with blackened fish or chicken, on a tortilla rollup, or atop a salad. 

How about the scents? 

Make the bedroom more romantic with mosquito netting - 

How did Captain Ron get through life? By the seat of his pants. Opportunities came up, he liked the challenges, he put his face into the wind, and if ended up in the wrong place, he'd just ask someone. A lover in every port, tropical waters to swim in, and lots of margaritas and dancing. 

The film "Captain Ron" really captured our hearts for the characters and situation, but more than that, it taught us how suburban our lives have become, how there's a wide open world out there of lusty experiences and sensory overload, with a sense of accomplishment that no paycheck can provide. 

How do we emulate that? A project might be the way. You wanted to write a book? Set aside a decorated alcove or a backyard with a laptop and get it done! Maybe you wanted to learn to sail - look up a local lake or shore where they teach it. Paint a beach scene? Maybe learn all about seafood cooking and go at it wholeheart4edly. 

Maybe you can't hop a boat and take off, but you can put a blow-up pool in your yard, rent a paddle boat at the park, or go on a cruise.

Wear board shorts and sandals, let your hair grow out, use sea spray to make your hair wavy, highlight your hair, get cool sunglasses, wear surfer hemp jewelry....

hemp necklace 
(I have this one!)

However you decide to bring some Caribbean Captain Ron chill into your life, enjoy! Put on some Reggae and don't forget the rum!

Other idols that exemplify the attitude -