Going Ginger: How to Redhead


If you weren't one of the less than 2% of the world's population and have naturally copper hair, there's some things to consider before you color your way there - 

Reds have taken a hit for a long time for being soulless or ugly and that is likely because of the rarity of the color and the fact that most with red hair, have freaky pale skin and possibly tons of freckles. 

My childhood freckles mostly disappeared with adolescence, a few remain. My back is an utter freckle farm. 

It takes a mother and father who both carry the red-haired gene to produce a red-haired child. For centuries fathers became angry when they and their wife were brunettes and produced a red-haired child. There was no understanding that this could happen so it was assumed the milkman had been visiting. 

My DNA analysis showed 75% Scandinavian and 25% UK (Irish, English, a bit of Scots). Father was from Norway, mother was English/Irish. 

Blonds were sought after for rarity but also for the sun-kissed brightness of their locks. Most people associate blond hair with looks, sexiness, or trophy status. 

Brunettes are often associated with being intelligent or exotic, self-assured, and forthright.

Red heads, however, are simply rarest. We cannot go unnoticed, have nothing to lose by being heard, say it like it is, and have a sassy sense of humor.

More often than not, I wear bright colors that might be said to "clash" with red hair, but believe me, when you have red hair you aren't going to be anonymous in a crowd. You might as well embrace it and cause a sensation.

All the time we see blond women who are not really blond, they have to work for it, as a great majority of childhood blonds become dishwater or even dark-haired with age.  In fact, only 2% of the world population is naturally blond.

I had a strawberry blond color as a wee child and as I reached adolescence, it became penny. If I go out in the sun a lot, it wants to go blondish again.

Can you pull off red hair? Really, anyone can do it, but the shades of red are the important consideration. 


If you're pale and have a cool tone to your skin color (probably a blond as a kid), a strawberry blond might be ideal. Celebs with skin-coloring ideal for this shade include Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Anne Hathaway. 

You also have to reconsider your makeup tones and clothing colors. This strawberry blond shade is fantastic in pastel tones like banana yellow, mint, aquamarine, pale fuchsia, light navy, khaki, and sand-colored clothing. Consider a lipstick in a soft coral or peach.


This is my category as I have pale apricot-toned skin. The problem with our skin tone is that strawberry blond is too close to skin color tones and we get washed out. We are the ones who can handle ginger and penny. We need a clashing contrast. Nature seems to do it, as my hair was quite penny colored.  Celebs that would look good in this color tone of penny-to-orange are Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, Amy Adams.

Here, I gave a brighter shade a try to see what it would be like to punch it up and boom! I am pale enough to need the contrast, but my skin tones being warmer, could handle an orange-ish tone. The colors clothes to wear? Hey, you can see turquoise is great, love sunny yellow, peach, fuchsia, avoiding muddy autumn colors as my coloring is "spring" palette. Lipstick - peach is a fave, and coral is good too. 


There's a fantastic spectrum of reds that are often overlooked. These deep rich exotics go from terms like burgundy, claret, and ruby red. These give a stain to darker hair and are a fantastic contrast with deeper skin tones. Clothing colors can get real fun for these gals from rich olive green and bronze, royal blue to deep purple, pumpkin and rust. Lipsticks can be in the mango to plum tones. Celebs who might look great in these hair colors are - Jessica Alba, Eva Mendes, Jennifer Hudson.

Want to look legit?
Use a freckle pen. Some folks are getting their freckles tattooed and they look atrocious!

Red hair tends to fade out. I have had a lifetime of issues with it wanting to turn blond more than red if I'm outdoors or in the pool. Here's some good maintenance products...

Got an event? I love this one for a punch of brightness that washes out after several washes. Just add some to conditioner and leave on a half hour or up to an hour and wash out.

Shampoo and conditioner for red hair maintenance


Let dignity be your poise
Sass back
Accept your glory in sunlight
Wear clashing colors
Give your opinion
Hold your head high
Stare into sunrises and sunsets
Play with Victorian and steampunk styles
Let your curls tumble long


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