Backyard Fun Features: Backyard Bathtub and Outdoor Showers


There is something luxurious and decadent about the concept of bathing outdoors. Outdoor tubs and showers are fantastic ways to feel like you're at a resort and take you out of the indoors/computer/tv screen rut.

A beautiful nonstop flowering Hong Kong Orchid tree in my backyard had me recalling a daydream I once had of a luxury backyard with a bathtub. 

The more I thought about this, the more I realized that it could be a mutually agreeable arrangement.

The tree needed carbon dioxide from me, I needed oxygen from it. Its fragrance and beauty gave me pleasure and me draining a tub full of water and plain epsom salts (helps blooms form), would give us a symbiotic zen.

A private nook in the yard where you can fill a tub and empty it, watering a tree or a garden (don't use any soaps that can harm the plant life), is a most decadent luxury. 

Here's some ideas that I think are awesome for privacy, skywatching, soaking, a side table for a tray with wine and accessories, lights, folded fluffy towels....

clawfoot tub

privacy screen

monocular telescope with nightvision

(ideal for stargazing or UFO watching)

Let's look at what others have done with the concepts to get a great visual -