Backyard Fun Features: Patio Cantina


Continuing on with my series of backyard fun features, I thought I'd share my budding cantina on the patio.

The patio concept began with this board (above) that I found out in the desert, aging and exposed. With the three sails above, it seemed like it begged to become a sign. 

The "Three Sheets to the Wind Cantina" began!

I love the Baja lifestyle and the vibe and I'm a frustrated surfer/beach girl in the desert, so I decided to bring the Baja cantina to me. 

I got the mileage to beaches everywhere and put on the sign. Since I took down my scarecrow, I thought about doing this thing I'd seen where people hang the jeans up and fill them with dirt and flowers, except I opted for the favorite succulent of the southwest, aloe vera. 

I have plans to get a 2-person hammock to run crosswise on the patio to stay in the shade when resting. I hung white lights above. My plans are groupings of small tables here and there, one with two lounge chairs, one with two sling chairs, and one with two modern rockers. 

The wall behind the patio is the garage wall. I decided to make it look like the mish mash you see in cantinas - 

For privacy and sun protection, I will be hanging bamboo blinds along the porch that can be opened and closed.

I will do a mish mash of area rugs all over the concrete.

Eventually, a jacuzzi will be added.

And in the center of the patio there is a post where I will hang lots of water-related hats for partiers to wear.

Can you picture the fun to be had?