Tiny Homes With Whimsy


When I was reducing my life down to tiny living size, pondered the creative freedoms that come with it. With less to maintain and less to pay for, one is freed up to go out. As a people who spend a lot of time in virtual worlds of TV and computers, venturing out is much needed. But, for us horror-loving folks, spooky tiny homes hold a special appeal. 

Here's just some -

When thinking about tiny home themes that create spookiness, consider location - deep forest, high cliff, tree, underground.... Consider also the theme like gothic or Victorian, steampunk or rustic. Materials can do a lot, like the use of old barn wood and rusted items. Making the interior a dark cocoon, almost vampire-like can create a sense of a gothic winter retreat. 

Also, consider repurposing something, like this bus put underground that becomes a creepy bunker or an abandoned miner's shack. Even a shed in the backyard can become a place to have creative freedom in redesign. 

No matter how you consider making a tiny home, take your quirky love for the absurd, the dark, the moody, and the forbidden to mind.