Being Kind to Your Feet


Feet are so neglected and forgotten as we age, but honestly they demand more karmic payback for all they have allowed us to do. 

Show them some love.

Soak them in warm water with a delicious and helpful content.

Consider a massaging soaker tub instead of just a basin. Ahhhh

You might want to pumice them to get some of that dead stuff off and then caress them with a great foot lotion and some socks. 

If you are not certain you want aggressive methods to remove calluses, consider an exfoliating lotion. They work good at loosening the dead stuff.

Diabetics need to take extra care to be certain they don't cut their feet, leading to slow healing, infection, and in worse case amputation. 

I wear shoes all waking time except in shower and bed. It's a wee insurance. I've been known to step on push pins and unseen broken glass around the house. 

The best things we can do for our feet are elevate them, massage them, lotion them, and let them have some rest. 

Acupressure points on the feet can be pressed for a minute and released and amazing things happen throughout the body. Each location deals with a different part of the body as shown on the socks. One of the best couple's gifts is acupressure socks so they can work each other's feet.

Bad knees and backaches? Try arch supports. They are life-changing!

I have been slowly weeding out all the decades of shoes that I kept (just in case!) and getting ones that are truly supportive, comfortable, and I can walk a lot in because I love road treks and visiting towns and walking them.

Bzees is perhaps my very favorite so far as far as arch support, total comfort, forget you are wearing shoes, and they also know to add a wee lift to the heel so step-off isn't strained.

I have four pairs so far and slowly replacing other shoes with more of these and Skechers.

Nobody does walking shoes and sneakers like Skechers. Both these shoes can average around $65 a pair, but for something unbelievably durable, that you can wear all day long, they are priceless!

Take care of the footsies 
They love to go for a walk, swim, sailing, fishing, hiking, camping....