Bohemian Bedroom Renovation




Post by Julie

When my husband and I bought our house two years ago, the previous owners had it remodeled a year before we bought it. We were pleased that it was updated, but some of the wall colors were not my style. Most of the rooms had dark grey walls which made the room feel gloomy. We did some changes that fit our style, but he didn't want to paint any of the walls. I said that the guest room will be the only room I will paint and do it all myself. 

It took a while to figure out what color I wanted to paint the walls. I didn't want white but wanted a pale color. Meanwhile, I painted some of the furniture that was in need of updating. After that, I found a pale yellow that I loved and decided that I would paint the room that color.

I had no idea that it would take a month and that I would get so messy doing it. It was worth all the mess and time because I love the results. That room is brighter and more pleasant to be in. I am proud of the job I did. I added boho/hippie decor which is my style.