Childhood Summers Relived


We all could use a summer break. Bell rings, we rush off home to put on sandals and eat a popsicle outside, drink from the garden hose because we just don't want to go back indoors, have a crush, haunt the public swimming pool, stay up super late with friends giggling and eating pizza.

No matter how your summer breaks went as a kid, the promise of what could happen during the summer perpetuated high energy and hopefulness. 


Even if you don't get vacation time as weather warms up, consider giving yourself the vibe of childhood summers. The Italians have it right - go to work for cash, come home and live the life you want, a life of pleasure, appreciation, in the moment. Your home can not just be a haven, but a place to vacation from troubles. Leave reminders to play and relax all around you. 

Consider incorporating some of these ideas  

Keep bomb pops or otter pops in the freezer

Keep bubbles and wands in every room and the patio. 

Wear a fragrance that is the sentimental scent of Coppertone. 

Use a self-tanning lotion.

Lie around in the yard to get some vitamin D, but do it on a Scooby Doo beach towel

Paint your toenails a fun color like aquamarine

Get the kids or grandkids to have a massive water balloon fight. 

Use a fly shooter gun.

Place firefly lights on the patio.

Grow watermelons.

Set up an inflatable play pool on the patio to get cool.  (I have this one in the link - I adore it!)

Put highlights in your hair.

a playful halter sundress

Use a beach bag as a purse 

TV shows and movies that bring back that vibe -

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Little Darlings
Parent Trap
Summer Rental
Now and Then
Under the Tuscan Sun
Shirley Valentine
Stand By Me

Enjoy a childhood summer on your time off. During the workday, don some sandals, carry a beach bag, or capture the glow of summer with a self-tanning lotion. If all else fails, wear a puka shell necklace - works every time!

Puka Shell Necklace