Farmers' Markets: The Middle-Agers Mall Alternative


Farmers' markets are not just trendy, they are the way of the future. The beautiful Old World ways of places like Italy and Greece are showing us that fresh produce sold in a marketplace makes it like a candy store of excitement. Fresh and local - it's the perfect combo.

Most of us are of an age that we recall you ate in-season. If it was fall, you might be utilizing pears and persimmons and if it was summertime, melons and corn were the dream.

Malls have died and people socialize online, but today it seems like weekend Farmers' Markets are becoming the new mall for middle-agers. See and be seen, listen to music, eat from a food truck, look at arts and crafts, buy homemade hummus, test foods, and all outdoors.

A lot of communities have weekend ones every weekend or every other weekend. Her in the East Phoenix Area, Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, and Apache Junction all have them. Be sure to look them up in your area!

List of top 15 Farmer's Markets in America.

Being a place to spend your morning into afternoon, Farmer's Markets provide more than many realize. There are local bakers, jewelry maker, healthy essential oils, live music, food trucks....

There is something about picking out produce that was gathered miles away that day that can make your mouth water. It also encourages eating in-season and local! You're helping independent farmers, many of them organic in practices. 

If you're wondering where to meet local merchants and local neighbors, enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and fresh produce, hurry yourself to a farmer's market. It's THE place to be these days!