Had Enough Snow and Cold? Let Phoenix, Arizona Give You a Little Sunshine!


Phoenix can brag about its weather from November to May, but then we get real quiet as we enter the piercing dry sunlight of 100+ temperatures.

Signs of spring here start in early February. Julie and I will share some of the spring fever with y'all, so long as you share Christmas snow and summertime fireflies.

Celestial Sun Bikini

Yeah, it's that kind of weather you start thinking about the swimsuits you want to fit into. We have a goal of hitting Lake Havasu at some point in the heat and I am determined to wear this pretty (above). 

Let's check out the great outdoors where everything is coming to life again - 

Temperatures are generally in the upper 70s/low 80s and 50s at night this time of year. It's sunny probably 90% of the time, but there's always a chance for one last rain storm to come in from the Pacific.

It's a huge time of year for touring the desert to see the cacti bloom and wild poppies come to life. It's also when Renaissance festival, art fairs, farmer's markets go nuts. 

With the warmth and the sunshine, any aches that made you feel ancient or wish you hadn't done sports as a kid, will disappear. You feel young. Your body is warm, limber, and the sunshine makes you feel gosh-darned invincible. 

Julie and I are both gardeners, so this time of year we are planting seeds and watching things sprout right and left. The wintering birds are still here, but butterflies, lizards, bees, and hummingbirds show up in numbers.

If you want to experience the unique scents of the desert, you might enjoy some candles scented with Juniper/Cedar, Desert Copal, and cactus flower. LINK

We brag about our weather from November to May, but then we shut our traps and envy yours.