Reliving the 1970s


The 1970s. What a dorky but liberating decade! Let's take a walk down the 1970s and find a way to bring that vibe back into your life today. It is making a comeback, along with recession and gas prices.

Remember your friends from the 70s?

How about contacting some of them again? Facebook is a good start, as are alumni sites for schools you attended, but there are also sites like that can help. Pull out those old pics and remember the vibes, hopes, dreams, excitement.

 The tanning! Oh, c'mon, you worried about what shade of copper you got. One of my funnest memories of the 70s is guys with no shirts. Everywhere you went, men didn't wear shirts. Today, it seems odd. 

Dive back into it. You don't have to slather on oil, but a little self-tanning lotion, or 10-15 minutes a day in the sun for that vitamin D that makes your immune system invincible, will do. 

The public pool. That was a summer commitment. Wanting to sit with the cool kids who owned a section of picnic tables, strutting in a new suit, showing off on the diving board, eating frozen Three Musketeers from the snack bar... Roller rinks, movie theaters, malls, swimming pools were all the thing of the 70s. Gathering to see and be seen. 

How about setting up a bowling night? Hit the rink again? Take a stroll around the mall and eat in the food court. Walk those steps again.

Family vacations. Oh, the thing of teenaged horror! But, what about retracing some of those treks you took and see them as an adult? 

Hey, 70s were all about disco dancing and partying. How about a 70s party? Maybe put on the tunes and get your workout doing disco? Get a keg and some "doobies" (love the 70s lingo?) and relive the outdoors pop up parties of the past. Play some awesome 70s rock. Go to a concert in a van. 

Don't let the bad parts of the 70s we're reliving like conflicts and wars, gas woes, recession, inflation, and a lame presidency bring you down. There's another part of the 70s we are reliving that is awesome. We are in another surge of bringing everyone up as equals, into growing our own food and ecovillage living, fashion and style are totally 70s now, and instead of malls we parade around on Facebook and Instagram. 

Here's some 70s style choices to wear proudly as the bohemian is IN!

Watch "The Real Housewives of Orange County" and you're likely to see these a lot on the girls - 70s oversized sunglasses.

Bohemian braids are IN! Watch "Selling Sunset" or "Flip or Flop" and you'll see coincidentally how Tarek's first wife and second wife are wearing them. 

Try a boho top - they are SO IN!

Consider taking up the crafts of the era - crochet, tie dye, studding, embroidery, plant hangers....

Breathe life back into it, even if you just grow your hair long and listen to those awesome concert bands!