Summers of 1980s


1980s. Oh, the summertime memories. Let's dive into the nostalgia.

I graduated high school in 1980. I entered college as a model and pageant contestant. By the mid 80s, I was moved to Redondo Beach, California and working in clothing stores like a typical mall rat. 

The mall and multiplex movie theaters were the center of all our attention. See and be seen strolling the food court, trying on clothes, hijacking mom's credit card, Orange Julius, and Mrs. Fields' cookies.

Double belts, Swatches, bangles, headbands, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, slouchy sweaters, micro miniskirts, bomber jackets, lace anklets and granny boots...

Spring break was at its ultimate peak. The beach meant Baywatch and Bikini movies. Order a pizza on the sand and they stuck a flag into the ground and delivered it later. Hiding your beer with a fake soda sleeve that went over the beer can....

Summers of the 80s were all about the mineral waters and wine coolers....

We're in luck - wine coolers are making a BIG comeback!

Suntan lotion and beaches - THE event of every summer, as well as amusement parks. 

How about those high-cut swimsuits and monokinis? 

Want some movies to spark the memories and get you in the mood? 

Summer School
Weekend at Bernie's
Private Resort
Hard Bodies
The Blue Lagoon
Blame it on Rio
Summer Lovers
Summer Rental
Where the Boys Are `84

How about TV?

Miami Vice
Magnum PI

Let's bring back some of the vibes - 

You don't need to go total costumish for the 80s, but one piece has impact!

And don't forget the hair - B-I-G!!!

Put on your summer 80s tunes and regain the spirit!