Hawaiian-Inspired Decor


I may live in the desert, but the aesthetic of tropical and beach locations sings to my heart and artist's soul. I don't want a home that has anchors and seashells everywhere, but I want the vibe of being in a Hawaiian home with Scandinavian furnishings.

The bamboo vaulted ceiling with beams is one I will be recreating in my Arizona room where I have a vaulted ceiling. This could be done simply over top of the ceiling you already have (popcorn hidden) by attaching bamboo fencing or even bamboo blinds to the ceiling rather than doing individual bamboo stalks. 

How about patio leaf lights

Large potted tropical plants inside by the windows is an ideal touch. Keeping windows bare or using bamboo roman shades can give the vibe strongly, as do plantation shutters.

Large windows for light, high ceilings, beams, teak wood, bamboo-all fantastic features.

Rattan and wicker are also great elements, as are exotic ceiling fans.

This aesthetic works for me. I love open bright spaces, a sense of outdoors being in, the color of bamboo and teak wood, and plants.

Aloha without screaming "OCEAN" where there is none. Here in Phoenix, the aesthetics work ideally with our sky and sunlight and indoor/outdoor living.