That Beautiful Blissful Space Artists and Craftspeople Zen In


The soul takes over the minute you create art, whether it's words, music, clay, paint, or beads.... It's a weird zen place where you channel your energy and obsessions knowing that there is no "right" or "wrong" way, only "a way."  Sometimes, you stand back and say to yourself, "how did I do this?"  It was always in you, awaiting expression. 

Anyone who told you arts are frivilous, can't provide a steady paycheck, are a waste of time, never tapped their own soul's powers.

Ways to explore the artist within - 

Play with air-drying clay - 

Use paint pens - 

Bang on a steel drum - 

Jewelry making kit - 

A camera for photography -

Other ideas - tie dye, karaoke (singing), guitar lessons, cooking, decorating, sewing, blogging, making videos, learning Photoshop, learning a new language, fashion coordination, special effects makeup, Halloween props, Christmas ornaments....