You Create the World You Want To Live In


You know that relative or friend you have who seems utterly lost and troubled or angry and resentful?

There are unlimited iterations of how our lives can be played out, but how much do our priorities and actions create a pathway with fewer obstacles? 

Let's see how we might actually affect our world - 

Have you ever sat in a restaurant and you feel like someone is watching you, turn your head and see someone staring?  

Why do we not find Bigfoot when we search for them, but then when we're just minding our business and hiking through the woods - boom - encounter? 

Why when you think about someone you haven't talked to in a long time, they suddenly contact you?

Intention. We feel intentions of others. Our own intentions can change a situation by sending out "observant" signals of a sort. We inform the universe and its occupants that we are focused on some aspect. That aspect can change. 

Imagine each of us is a superhero with latent abilities we don't realize we utilize in rare, unpredictable, and random ways. 

Example:  Four people get a flat tire. One person assesses the situation and realizes it's a bad part of town and becomes scared. Another person assesses the situation and realizes he will be late for work and his boss will be angry and he becomes anxious and impatient. A third person assesses the situation and adds the experience to other bad things happening and gets mad at yet another example of bad things happening to them. Yet one last person thinks it's cool that they get to practice changing a tire and they're excited. 

It's a cascading effect. How you assess the world and others creates an emotional milieu and that generates decisions and actions. Those actions or inactions change the environment and others around you.

For instance, a depressed person that doesn't clean their dishes, leaves things sitting on the counters creates filth, attracts rodents, making depression even more fed by feelings of hopelessness. 

If a person loses weight after being obese, they have taken actions to lose the weight, have gained the added benefit of health and pride. They get more ambitious because they realize they can do anything if they focus. They also get a good response from the opposite sex, maybe take on new responsibilities or hobbies and interests with their new-found confidence.

What kind of world do you want to live in? 

Once you realize the world you want to live in, you will begin to create it, whether it's volunteering, being a good ear for those in trouble, growing a garden and eating from the earth, playing music, making beauty. 

Remember, the way you treat others sets you up to be treated equally. Judgment, categorizing, criticizing, being unaccepting - they have a way of catching up to you. Open arms, welcoming, and it's not just creating a loving world for yourself. This kind of behavior makes someone else feel accepted and comforted and turns their pinched frown to a warm smile they share with others. Yes, the butterfly effect.

We are energy. We learn this as we move on to the next plane after this human existence, but that energy is always there, it is felt, it affects everything around us, and it creates or destroys.

You are more master than you realize. The world you want, starts with you.


Welcome to your world!