1980s Mallrats


I readily and proudly admit, I was a mallrat in the 80s. I lived near the beach in California and was an assistant manager of a clothing store in Manhattan Beach. 

The malls were gallerias with enormous game arcades, food courts, and tons of parading teenagers. 

The foods of choice were Orange Julius, Mrs. Field's cookies, and pizza.

The objective - spend mom and dad's money, be noticed by the cuties, and lead the way as a fashion icon. 


Merry Go Round


United Colors of Benetton



Casual Corner

Contempo Casual


Chess King



Nine West


B. Dalton Bookstore


Music pumping through the sound system - 

Some of my favorite things to wear working in a clothing store...

The mid 80s when neon colors became the rage, I had to get the "inchworm" sweater dress in neon green. Even though it was a size 4, it hung on my skeletal body. Believe me, I tried to gain weight (oh it was lost on the youth!) This dress got me numerous whistles and hoots as it showed off everything.

I always enjoyed micro mini skirts because my nickname all my life has been "legs."

These (above) are actually my legs in my 50s. 

Bad perms and double belts - it was the thing!

Long shirt, short skirt.

Loved the long narrow skirts and the linen jackets with lots of broaches.

I also mixed crazy colors together, wore lace anklets with granny boots, fingerless gloves, a bandana as a belt, flashdance off the shoulder wear, oversized shirtdresses with a wide belt....

For all the indulgence of the 80s and consumer-based focus, it was a decade of real fashion for men and women, music, art, dance.... A renaissance of color and movement. 

Boardwalks and malls used to be the places to parade your awesomeness. Today, it's doctored photos on the internet. 


Here's some ways to indulge in the fashion again - 

Hair side combs - 

Swatch - 

lace anklets - 

Or just bring back the hair!