What to Do With Summer's Watermelons

 Summer and watermelon are as synonymous as peanut butter and jelly. Let's honor it this season with some great ideas - 

Serve it up as a snack in many ways - 

Don't forget the cocktails or mocktails -

Watermelon Basil Margarita

silver tequila, watermelon juice, lime juice, simple syrup, frozen cube of watermelon, sprig of basil

Sparkling Watermelon Punch - 

Watermelon smoothie -

watermelon margaritas with pop rocks on the rim - 

Don't forget the frozen treats - 

watermelon acai bowl 

watermelon sorbet - 

Feeling artistic? 

Health benefits of watermelon - 

antioxidants for heart health and cancer prevention
reduces inflammation
may help muscle soreness
may help prevent macular degeneration
helping digestion
improving skin

Beauty using watermelon pulp - 
(more info here)

Take 2 T of mashed avocado and mix it with the watermelon pulp. Apply it all over the face as well as neck and massage gently with your fingertips for few minutes. Wash off with plain water and repeat the method with avocado and watermelon for skin care twice in a week. This is a great anti aging treatment.

If you love watermelon - here's my suggestions (I am growing 3 kinds right now in the garden - seeds below) 

and, if you're growing watermelons, consider using a mold to let them grow into a shape - also keeps the critters from eating at it. 

Something you might not have tried that is nutritious and delicious is pickled watermelon rind. RECIPE