Whatever Happened to 1980s One-Hit-Wonders?


Whatever happened to some of those one-hit wonders of the 80s? There were some amazingly great songs heard and then the bands forgotten. Let's see the status on some of these - 

Dexy's Midnight Runners 

"Come on Eileen"

The original band broke up in 1987. But, in 2003 it reformed with some of the old and some new. They released a fifth album in 2016. 



"Too Shy"

The lead singer, Limahl, is in involved in an 80s tribute tour.  Guitarist, Steve Askew, has a studio.  


Men With Hats

"Safety Dance"

In 1993, the band dissolved, but reformed in 2010. 


Gary Numan

This talent has been associated with electronica music taking hold. Even though he got huge attention for "Cars" (released in 79, but played like crazy in 80s), he actually made better music after this hit.


Modern English

"I Melt With You"

Sadly, a spotty history for this band. They broke up in 87, reformed two years later, disbanded again in 91, reunited in 95 and have had done various venues since.


Toni Basil

"Hey Mickey"

The now 75-year-old has kept herself busy in entertainment since that notorious ear-worm of a delightful song, "Hey Mickey."