Putting Together the Ultimate Summer Wardrobe on the CHEAP



Hey, the heat is on! With a few simple pieces, you can cruise through summer feeling confident. Don't let anyone tell you that you must base a wardrobe on neutrals like black, gray, brown, because standing out and being individual, wearing your soul's colors are critical to happiness and a genuine experience. No one looks great in gray, let's admit it. And, with many working from home, be you and not corporate!

I based my summer wardrobe on white, aquamarine, and orange.  And nothing over $30!

Here's how it goes down....

($24.99, has 6% coupon too)

($24.99, has 5% coupon too)









Open up your summer wear to a variety of colors and a light happy neutral like khaki, white, sand, or pale gray. 

Kick in two awesome colors; green/blue, yellow/orange, side by side on the color wheel or try opposing colors like the aquamarine and orange above, purple and yellow...