Renovation Divas of Every Level on YouTube


There are a lot of women picking up orbit sanders and drywall joint tape and working with their hands, learning along the way from experts and even YouTube videos to get `er done.

Even though there are plenty of HGTV and DIY channel divas to watch, the professionals aren't relateable. I really enjoy the everyday women who said, I'd rather not be a woman who comes with baggage, but comes with tools instead!

I'm (Sharon) going to introduce you to some of our favorites and each at a varying degree of skills. Some are decorators or crafters, repurposing and flipping furniture or ones taking on huge compounds they bought and determined to make their own nesting paradise. 


(level - hardcore)

My very favorite inspiration of all time is Rachel Metz. I even made a playlist for myself so I can run her videos and see possibilities where none seem to exist. 

In her once barren-looking compound in Joshua Tree, California desert, she takes on many things for her first time, using determination, a great sisterhood of friends, and even a neighbor with his own DIY channel, Modern Builds.  

She's willing to learn welding, plumbing, electrical, and more. She's healthy, strong, hilariously candid about her faux pas, and totally likeable. Her designs are amazing and she does something that I do in my own renovating, utilizing everything around her in a repurposed way.

This go-getter is my newest role model as I am deep into the renovation of my home. 


Elise Buch

(level - decorating w/her own style)

This sweet and very talented designer is from Denmark.  She has shared her particular vintage 70s look with her great ginger hair and delicate complexion. She speaks softly and laughs at her own gaffes. 

She also shares a little summer cottage she bought and is decorating with her own special style. Every woman dreams of having their own nest their own way and this woman is living it. 

I highly suggest her if you like fashion and decorating and especially developing your own style. 



(level - updating used furniture)

This adorable and talented DIY chick is sweet and her husband is just as enthusiastic about her skills. She started out buying thrift store furnishings and remaking them into modern beauties and making some good $$ but now she is expanding into other renovation projects.

There are tons of others that I could list that really inspire. I thought I'd share three that show the various degrees from total reno, decorating, and flipping furniture. 

I am learning why guys obsess about tools and projects!