Virtual Trek to Italy Movie Marathon


Pull out a bottle of wine, set up a charcuterie tray with pepperoni, salami, parmesan, olive oil, olives, Italian bread, fresh mozzarella, grapes, pistachios, cherry tomatoes....

It's time for a virtual trek to Italy. 

Hit the play button and listen to this while we venture into a beautiful culture, a beautiful land, even if we can't go there in person. 


Walking on Sunshine
If you love the music of the 80s and daydream about a beachside summer in Italy, this movie is a dream getaway. It's beautifully executed as a girl graduates college, goes to visit her sister in Italy only to find out her sister is engaged to her ex-boyfriend she regretted leaving. 

Stealing Beauty
Perhaps one of my all-time favorites. Liv Tyler plays a 19-year-old girl going to the artist compound in Italy that used to inspire her dead mother's poetry writing. She seeks out a boy she had a crush on to be her first, muses in her diary, and hangs with an eccentric and lovable group of artists in beautiful Tuscany. The soundtrack is awesome. I've always held a dream of living on an artist's compound, surrounded by ancient olive trees, grapevines, and amazing art and conversations. 

Under the Tuscan Sun
Of all the girl flicks I need to watch to get my gumption going, this movie based on a true story is so awesome. A writer goes through a shocking divorce and on a trip to Italy decides she isn't going home. She buys a beat-up villa and decides to make her dreams come true, a family, a wedding, a beautiful home. Only, she has a hard time believing it'll ever come to fruition.

Only You
Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. play in this adorable romantic comedy about a woman about to wed a practical guy, but suddenly gets a sign from the fates when she hears the name of a man she made up as a kid and said she'd marry. The name taunts here and she goes all the way to Italy to chase down this man she thinks she may be fated to love. An American tourist there pretends to be that man because he wants her. Somehow, they learn more about making fate than being a victim of it.

Letters to Juliet
A young female reporter on a trip to Italy with her lackluster fiance comes across a practice where women would leave letters asking for advice from a woman named Juliet who would stand in a window like the Shakespearan character and give advice back. When the woman reads a particular letter of a woman who regretted the man that got away, she hunts down the woman and helps her on her quest to find her ideal partner. In the process, she may run across her own. 


If you have Discovery Plus, you can go through all the episodes of every thing Giada de Laurentis has done. My very favorite is Giada in Paradise when she went to the island of Capri. She cooks her way through Italian culture and atmosphere and it's simply gorgeous!

Giada in Italy
Giada in Paradise
Bobby and Giada in Italy


Nicki is a makeup artist from England who lives with her partner, an Italian. They live in the beautiful cliffs of the Amalfi Coast in Positano. They grow vegetables, hike, boat, and share the lifestyle and culture of their charming place.

This talented filmmaker and journalist lives in Tuscany Italy where she shares the lifestyle, the feelings of adventure, and philosophy. 

This Italian couple went on an RV adventure from Alaska to Argentina, but now they have settled down in Italy where they are making a house into a home.