Staycation 2022


Americans in general aren't big vacation addicts. Heck, we are lucky if the boss'll let us take one since most businesses are understaffed. 

Still, a little time away can reset your button. Many of us can't justify the price of travel, hotels, food, so we're staying home. It's still a vacation, only it's in a setting we know. 

Let's find ways to make the staycation feel like a getaway.

1. Be sure to let everyone know you're going away on vacation. It really helps to have them not try to contact you knowing you're just staying home.

2. Stock up. Preprepare meals, clean and cut veggies and salad. Have drink mixers prepped. Just make it easy to not be busy cooking the whole time.

3. Eat in a place you don't normally eat like outdoors or in the formal dining room.

4. At night, light candles, battery operated or old fashioned wick ones. A different lighting makes it feel different.

5. Play YouTube vids of drones over Hawaii or the sounds of surf, steel drums, ukuleles. 

6. Don't forget scents. Consider using a beautiful color changing lit diffuser and some coconut sea scents.

7. If you have a partner, get some massage oil and help each other recover from the day to day world.

8. Wear swimsuits all the time. Put on some suntan lotion scented sunscreen. 

9. Go outside in the evening to watch the stars.

10. Pick up a creative hobby you once had, whether it's playing guitar or painting, singing or crocheting.

11. Sleep in. Order room service with your partner the night before. The next day, deliver him/her a breakfast on their order menu.

12. Play in water. Water is so calming. Whether you run through sprinklers, soak your feet in warm sudsy water, or take a tepid bath, just let the water calm you.

If you put vacation money toward one reward, I'd suggest this - a sauna.

Your head sticks out, doesn't take much space. A great investment for those long weeks to remind you of your vacay and the super health benefits.

According to the NIH - 

Facilities offering sauna bathing often claim health benefits that include detoxification, increased metabolism, weight loss, increased blood circulation, pain reduction, antiaging, skin rejuvenation, improved cardiovascular function, improved immune function, improved sleep, stress management, and relaxation.

As little as 8-15 minutes (one to three times a week)  is enough to reap the benefits. 

The very best gift you can give yourself on your staycation is to use no cell phone, no computer. Do not check on emails or social media. Simply do not exist outside of your home in any way.