Summer Dresses For Any Event


Julie and I are celebrating our birthdays in August because I'll be out of town for both of them. Mine is a monumental one age. This dress (above) is what I plan to wear at the resort. Now there's a goal!

I'm going to share a wide variety of fun dresses that express any occasion in summertime. Dresses are such a simple way to adorn your body and let the breezes keep you cool.

This one is a great summer dress. Long dresses are in, but the flowing nature, flattering sleeves and high waist, as well as the show of leg makes it both sexy and sultry. This would be amazing poolside party in the evening or lingering at a beach cantina.

It's an easy dress to slip on and go anywhere. It screams summer sundress and happy sea color. Would be adorable with a hat.

I'm crazy about this color! I love to see women wearing colors outside of the usual black/gray/white/tan/red spectrum. This fluffy number is ideal for a garden party or bar scene at a beach club.

There's nothing like a shirtwaist to be right for every occasion, especially work or sightseeing. This is professional and crisp, but instead of the usual neutrals of the workplace, go summertime and pick a pastel. 

You have to have the right attitude, but a dress like this with these colors and design are memorable. Sure, you could do a black dress with a sexy cutout, but it's so backstage at the concert. Go for WOW, summer in a sexy package.

This is so easy to slip on and stay cool. Over a swimsuit or sipping sweet tea on the porch, this is a classic.


Happy Summer Dressing!