Summer Vacation-Themed Movies


In the mood for a summer vacation but may not get one this year? Well, if Covid didn't getcha, gas prices have. 

Take a virtual vacay with some great summer vacation-themed movies, some suspenseful, some sexy, others hilarious -

A Perfect Getaway
Thriller. This sexy and suspenseful tale is of a couple who goes to Hawaii to hike to a quiet beautiful spot, but doesn't realize their vacation coincides with a murder.

Summer Rental
 Comedy.  It's hard not to love this John Candy vehicle. An overworked air traffic controller is forced on vacation with his family so he totes them to Florida where he proceeds to find himself in sailing.

National Lampoon's Vacation
Comedy. An inept but lovable dad wants to take his family across country in the station wagon to visit their dream amusement park in California, only nothing goes right.

Wine Country
Comedy. Life-long gal pals go on a wine country retreat to celebrate one of them turning 50 and realizle they are all having battles in their lives and are just as confused as when they worked in a pizza parlor in their youth.

Summer Lovers
Romantic Drama. A sexy couple just out of college decides to spend the summer on a Greek Island only to be intoxicated by freedoms, including sexual ones.

Stealing Beauty
Romantic drama. A 19-year-old virgin vacations in Italy at an artist's compound where her poet mother lived long ago. She has two agendas - one to lose her virginity to a local boy she has a crush on and the other is to find out who her real dad is.

Mamma Mia
Musical. A mother who owns a hotel in Greece prepares for her daughter's wedding. The daughter secretly invites three men from mom's past to find out who her real dad is to walk her down the aisle.

Teen Beach Movie
Musical. This delightful teen movie takes a modern twist on the old Frankie Avalon/Annette Funicello movies. A teen couple ends up in a beach musical world from the past.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Romantic comedy. Friends find magical jeans that fit them all, no matter their size. They share the pants throughout their summer breaks and the storyline follows their experiences.

Comedy. This Robin Williams delight has a businessman deciding to kill two birds with one stone by heading across country to a meeting toting the family in an RV for a pseudovacation. Of course, nothing goes as planned.

Dirty Dancing
Romantic drama. A young woman just about to leave home after graduating is toted by her parents to the Catskills to a resort to finish off one last boring summer. Luckily she finds a very handsome dashing dance instructor who makes her realize what she can push herself to do. 
Cape Fear
Suspense. An angry ex-con gets out of prison to get back at the lawyer who made sure he got time in prison. He torments him and his family as they try to evade him on vacation.

Friday the 13th
Horror. Camp counselors go to a camp to fix it up before the season only to be killed off one by one by a vengeful killer.

There are only some that will get you in the mood. I also enjoy these movies for capturing summer - 

Captain Ron
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
The Other Woman
Fool's Gold