The Simple Vintage Toys of Our Youth

You know something about our youth - we could take anything and figure out how the world works. It's not something we do often as adults, but we should. 

The Slinky was a fun, often stocking stuffer, that gave us endless hours of fun seeing what it could walk itself down. It fascinated us to see the movement and understand the action of the spring.

Silly Putty - now there was a fun one. Remember picking up pictures by pressing it on the Sunday comics and seeing it transfer?

We didn't need spoon-fed storylines like video games provide to today's kids. We took on toys as tools to figure out the world. 

Remember the Wham-O superball? I used to go in the bathroom and slam that into the floor and watch it richochet off everything in the bathroom. The key was to do a little countdown and see how long it would keep bouncing.

A simple jump rope could offer hours of fun, coordination, and exercise!

Some simple sidewalk chalk and you can hopscotch. Yet another way to have fun for hours and exercise without realizing it. 

Remember playing jacks? Some of us were coordinated, others not so much. What a great one to pull out and play with the kids or grandkids!

Everyone was an architect with Lincoln Logs

It may be time to pull out the old YoYo and practice!

As kids we honestly knew how to take a simple tool and make a day of fun and exercise. Consider pulling out your playing cards and putting them in the spokes of your bike. Be that adult kid in the neighborhood!

Some other great simple toys -

easy bake oven
paper dolls
rocking horse
wooden sled
spinning top
ball in a cup

Go outdoors and play.

Go fly a kite!