Spirit Halloween Shopping 2022


Like millions of other Halloween-loving folks, the minute the Spirit Halloween shops around me open, I plan an all-day spookfest. In a Ferris Bueller kinda way, I mosey over to marvel, try on, laugh, and be startled by the animatronics. Then, I shuffle home like a good zombie and watch horror movies in an all-day marathon.

Let's take a look at this year's new offerings of animatronics.

Lord Raven is 6' tall and $299.99

Monty is a 6' tall utterly creepy monkey $299.99

Below is a video of the themes and animatronics to expect to find - 

My other favorite places to hunt Halloween items are the local crafts stores like Michael's, Joann's Fabric, but forget Hobby Lobby (you'll only find fall items there, they are scared of Halloween). 

Grandin Road (online)
Home Depot (now competing with Spirit Halloween)
Party City (online) 

Over the coming months, I will share lots of Halloween crafts for free and extremely cheap items you can make for home. They give a sense of accomplishment, as well as satisfaction of having one-of-a-kind pieces.

Still, window shopping in a haunted atmosphere can't be beat!