Creative Indoor Lighting During the Dark Months


Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of home decor is lighting and yet it makes such a dramatic difference, especially in the chilly winter months. Let's look at some creative lighting that sets a cozy mood rather than stark sunshine in months that could use some warmth.

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These spotlights are a MUST for all homes. You can place them behind a sculpture, a plant, a chair, and create a backlighting that doesn't blind, but brings a corner to warmth.

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This is one of my favorites for bedroom or bathroom. There is nothing like soaking in the tub with the womb-like vibe of water light reflections on the ceiling. It's so therapeutic. Ideal too for children who don't like the dark, especially utilized for autistic children.

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The use of "fake" candles is very popular and safe. With a remote control, you can put them up on a mantle, along a television for scary movie atmosphere, inside a cleaned out fireplace, or along beside dresser for that calming transition to nighttime melatonin release. 

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Outdoor solar lights are fantastic for setting some mood. For wintertime, I'd choose the snowflakes. You may not linger at night outside, but draping them at a window makes a fantastic mood-setting glow.

As a Scandinavian, I believe it's in my very DNA that I seek the warm flicker of a candle and the coziness of home. The reason I love the cooler months is not just because I'm not a heat and sunshine gal, but because the indoor tucking in and snuggling are so attractive.
Hygge is the practice of adding warmth to the indoors. Where the sun doesn't shine for months in the wintertime, the people have adapted to adding warm drinks, golden lights, and seeking cozy fluffy fabrics.

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Wearing colored glasses for a short time each day is said to have amazing effects on well-being. I like to use them during tub time. Each color can bring a new aspect of the mind to light. 

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black tea, mint, dried apples, cinnamon

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Cozy up. Seek a soft reassuring warm light, not as harsh and direct as summer sun