The Soul's Part in Your Life

I was born dead. 

For the first four minutes of my life, they tried to get signs that this baby was going to join the living world.

Since that prevarication on my part, my soul decided it was going to do this crazy life ride, with this family, in this time period in history, with these DNA characteristics.

I meditate regularly and I see that as a way to go back to that lull between soul without body and body that forgets it has a soul.

During meditation one time, tears streamed down my face.

I had gone into meditation wanting to heal the Bell's palsy and the piriformis syndrome that made my feet numb. Basic body repair needs. I had been beating myself up about causing these issues with stress and ignoring my body's needs for rest, recreation, and exercise.

What I didn't realize at the time was that they were more a sign of neglecting the soul by shutting it up in order to do the mortal thing. Trying to be something I wasn't. Expecting perfection. Comparing myself to others. Being impatient with myself and others.

But during this meditation, a pink light showed behind my eyelids and suddenly, complete and utter calm and all pain removed.

Hello Soul, I have just become aware of your presence, even though you are the background program that runs this show.

I had a simple realization -

I had not been abusing my body. I was abusing my soul. The body was receiving the collateral damage.


Every time I tried to beat down the voice of my soul. whose setpoint is love and compassion for self and others, every time I forced myself to focus only on the physical form and not the fact that it housed the greatest most perfect energy, I injured the body.

All negative energy was corrosive and oxidizing to the body.

All healing energy was unconditional and healthy.

We have a wellspring. It is called the soul. The soul chose to be in this body and perform as a mortal being, but the body must never forget the soul energy is there.

Every time we belittle ourselves, feel mad, helpless, resentful, guilty - we are beating down the voice of the soul and it comes out in our body.

I don't consider myself a new-ager as I'm extremely logic-minded and Virgo, but I'm also a soul before a mind.
A soul is energy. A mind is a construct.

Soul is the source.

I kinda look at it like a storm. 

Enough moisture collects, clouds bash, lightning, thunder, rain. The result? Water to feed the earth. 

The soul is the moisture. We mortals are the storm, the catalyst to bring the purpose to action.