Establishing and Asserting Your Individual Style in Simple Ways


It's easy to get lost in the masses. It doesn't take much to become identifable. Let's look at some celebs who are known as individual and how they pulled it off - 

Josh Gates
Our favorite adventurer is known for his good-luck charm necklace that he is never without and his scarf. 

Johnny Depp
This ultra-star is all about accessory stacking.

Sheryl Crow
She's all about the jeans!

The key is finding your thing - and consistently utilizing it. Are you a hat person? How about a swath of pastel colored hair? Maybe you're an arm full of tatts. How about vests? 

Cyndi Lauper
She owns the colored hair!

Consider your personality. Maybe you're a cargo pants explorer type or maybe a Malibu barbie beachwear girl.

My signatures are always stacked jewelry especially surfer style stuff and colors of sea and citrus. I long-ago decided that if you have red hair, you can't hide, so clash with bright colors. As a grandmother, I also thought it would be fun to have identifiers for my granddaughter. She will always associate jewelry and color with grandma and the light scent of beach and citrus.

Here's some ways to have a signature look - 

Bettie Page short bangs
Belt buckles
A color
A piece of jewelry
Colorful tatts
Bright painted nails
Cowboy hat
Silver hair
Super long hair
Red lips
Concert Tees from 70s
Stone-washed jeans
Cuff bracelets
Bolo Tie

Whatever it is, repeatability will make your personality known immediately. You tie yourself to a look and those around you are comforted that they know you well. 

Here's some movie/tv characters that might give you ideas - 

Remember the basic rules - if you wear a bow tie all the time, you're sending a message. Do you want to be known as neat, fussy, and conservative? It works! If you wear flowing clothes all the time but are super intellectual, you might be taken for a woo-woo girl.