Fashion For Seniors: The Golden Years of Owning Your Personal Style - Male and Female


Earning your years means mastering your body, your mind, your emotions, your experiences, but usually at the  cost of adapting. 

Something magical happens when you take yourself out of the collective.

When we were young and insecure, we wanted to be everything we weren't. 

With age, we find we are everything we want and value. We reclaim ourselves knowing we don't need the majority to approve or look to younger women for how to look or budding executives to beat ourselves up for not focusing on career more.

Let's get inspired to express our experience, obsessions, and visions of how to best represent our unique and precious package.

Let's figure you out - 

You might have had a corporate job and had to wear the standard wear, but was it really you? 

Did you play guitar? Into crafts? Love color? A beach bum at heart? A retiring rocker type? Did you travel the world or want to? Did you dream of living in the city, eating at cafes, and staying up on fashion? Do you identify with the yoga crowd? Maybe you love frilling feminine wear? Can you make fun of yourself? Do you want to be taken seriously or be approachable? Maybe you wish you lived in another time period? 

These are things to consider. My entire life was based on the sea and country. I see myself as a kind of a Sheryl Crow type in casual jeans and tees, cowboy hat, but hanging at the beach with blue skies and seafoam mixed with sunset colors. 

I'm casual. I'm bohemian. I love stacked jewelry and hats. My colors are only the sea/sky/citrus. There's not one button-up fitted thing for me. I'm not a business-looking gal. I'm more of a beachcomber artist.  I have a dash of the 70s in the background, while reveling in resort wear and vibrant colors. Sometimes, I find myself imitating the sand with khaki's, safari, and lots of texture. 

If you are going to claim yourself but you're scared to take big fashion risks, consider showing it in hairstyle or jewelry/accessories.

How about a piercing? A tattoo? Let your gray hair grow out and use a temporary tint to make it purple underneath. Or orange. Or pink. 

Remember that the outside layer should jive with the inside layer. We have to get new goals and dreams as we leave the work-a-day world and enter OUR TIME. 

You might have identified yourself as mother, wife, teacher, doctor, carpenter, whatever. But now your frame of reference is YOU.

Attitudes have to change, habits have to change completely. You can't keep the same thought process, vision of yourself, or daily routine. It all has to change for you to own the outer. 

Your priorities should jive with your style. You can't be updated and overcontrolling when you're in bohemian garb. It's just as disingenuous as when you faked being an uptight corporate type in the working world where at home you were a sloppy afternoon boozer. 

I suggest you give yourself a couple weeks alone with yourself if you can. Simply unplug from online, from others, and just see what you are drawn to. 

What movies do you like? Music? What memories of the past make you so proud of yourself? What's on the bucket list? Get to know this person. Pull out old photo albums, yearbooks, and the like. Flip through. Go through magazines and catalogs and see what your eyes keep going back to revisit.

Some great movies to inspire finding yourself - 

"Under the Tuscan Sun," "Life of the Party," "Stealing Beauty,"  "Shirley Valentine," "Wild," "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

I also suggest Quirky Bohemian Mama site to inspire you.